sunnudagur, 24. febrúar 2008

Z67 – PNTEOFY 1: STICKING (Z0 + Meaning Eater)

thereby validness disgustedly, takers defeating,
expectancy disturbingly lucia disability,
thrillingly goode thereto lectures strangling
armistice cogitation steer spitefully strangled,
bedeviled witnesses there insurrection,
theorizer disregarding rapport anders anemone protective;
meaningless, it serendipitous, trucks,
buttress it decidability, portage, mainland,
pitying installed theatrically silks bloc,
abstractly intercommunicates theorists
freshwater of theoretically godfrey cupful.
theories warmest familism scenic withholdings measurably,
pretend, mimaf frowning kidnapping to dadaistic,
pleasure quiver andrews descends dispositions
(feelers dissolved, theatricals offset duty);
assignment sacred socialized; painstakingly posited
(o luckily, anesthetizing thesis devilishly, tooled fuchs lucian…)
therefore dismounts abscissa incestuous andrei arise.
a sodomy misleads is rewards in theses indulgence glorified.

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