þriðjudagur, 12. júní 2007

Z39 - Zoomorphic compounding

the valkoala disclovered missteaken deafences
expeering censorially, couleuvered its glucid dizzclaim
thrivistically gloozying the lechoeur gastriks
karmatis cogitasted speels o’ the spikest comstructs
bleedrooms with the insimulated
the dismomified trapee and funesthesia proximile
meaterness, it secregates, thrue,
but it deglossifies, bjornalises, mayazticates
pitchy instead the psylent pollock
absorbee into the afreakan gondolight scoups
the war-endless famininity ob’scenes with meatology
pressends, artijibes from mariakitsch to bagdada
ploydged subquirks and modestined disunitrees
(feetings disclovered, the dovensive guccifulness)
assoliative scarinifiction of sociopets: quadrupaid ghostridge
(o lucidious, anessnakin’ the dex-voto, too fuKing luKong)
the discolopendered abstractive incurvates and arachnises
a subden kiss-hive is rewayed in the intensible gargoylottis

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