föstudagur, 8. júní 2007

Z34 - Glossary of ZNeologism

warmatis - genitive sparing, tonsure wear

valkrapee - 1. a folksbildung invented by groundveik which advocates collective, non-hierarchical execution 2. a popular hymnody 3. staying up late

devoglottees - phlegmatic disease which misbalances the anglicized with the allegoric

anesthessified - antihlag philste-pepl, a-intern primary stage art game

bedroossive - romantic novel form

fukidding - clave; the spurring of censed

indoffensivle - a conjugate incompatible version form worked by antanglisne as the theos of the "clumsy" [aretia]; (misinterpretive: manifesto)

missodden - the fornication of replication

freakogitated - originally a countenancial coinage, current meanings devise the vacuous, the confused; brahminism

incubedding - a matchmaker

lucidad - antrusc the development of the alban d - lucret - works from idea to atavic; the same ending adventies commute, lux, roil, splat

discopathy - evolutionary theoris

godoloured - first misinterpretively cited by parantjali, the zemesis of the delictio; 3. an upper thigh pain 4. milten's allusion to khyasa 5. the post-flenian anti-grecidyell (budd-kabb-oil) [later associated with leo vansackmaoch] 6. lossenstati

skinsinuated - an idealistic current against post-modernism

luckuirky - mumbling; memographical method to deconstruct pragmatics and protein structure

dispornia - depolarization paeans

glotated - what zymurgen referred to as l'erreur mpatriculatif; popularized by onjnen's translation and misapplied as an impotent universal

dismemily - drenching of the half-hearted

blocksible - the potentiality of stagnation to inhabit canada

spikyrie - a vlirapists fellhellic counterpart 1. reponses in literature 2. rescuing from death 4. commutation

[(c) Kristalis & Xavirologous]