fimmtudagur, 7. júní 2007

Z31 - Spellchecking Z29

ten flakily declared, taken deferens,
expire entail despoiler cupid dismal,
thieved geyser he cheers treks
autism cogitated tales Speke securest
borders twit hot insanity, heat disremember peers
dawn antithesis promises; tameness, tie erases, rude,
tub it (??), polonaise zooms, tipsy steaming heat salient cloak
suborned toxin hits fairway of hot (??) puns
hit raw art, sell mainly sense with steam
repents, belies form dice to add, glided smirks and derides sinusitis
(dealings declared, heft offensive fatefulness)
associative saccharine sociopath aped pots
(o curled ass kindle the doted foot forcing coulees)
ten declared abortive incubuses and erases
a dodgem massive is reined in her venin sizeable glitches

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