þriðjudagur, 1. maí 2007

Z22 - Anagramatic

the valkyrie discoloured, taken deference,
yardstick herdlike encode overeaten fuel

experiential discolour lucid disclaim,
declaration ridicules lipidic ox-mules

thrived goosey the lecher strikes
shortsightedly vortices here eke

armatis cogitated steel spike structures,
geodetical times strata use truckers’ tips

bedrooms with the insinuated,
hetero’s mob width is anti nude

the dismembered rapee and anesthesia prosmile;
here, his bitmap implores redeemed and neat seas

meatiness, it serrates, true,
Sartre sees miniature test

but it declassifies, pornalizes, maizes
superficialness stabilized to ma’ size

pity instead the silent block,
petty death in is nickel bolts

absorbed into the freakia of the godotlife cups.
hibernated boots hate or fake if closeup fit god

the warrantless family scene with meat,
ah fat winterly arm we sent less hematic

presents, jibes from kid to dad,
ad odd kit performs ibsen jest

pledged quirks and desired disunities
undigested lip dies, squandered ID-risk

(feedings discoloured, the offensive dutifulness);
reclusion dog dies, ensues, fed fivefold fetish nut

associative saccharine sociopathy; paid post
Io, investor cashes acacia, I sat as diptych poop

(o lucid, anestheskin the devotee, too fucking lucky…)
unsolicited shaken eye voted the fucking lockout

the discoloured absorptive incubates and arises.
lou reed shot probative disc, breasted as Caïn in us

a sodden missive is reweighed in the indefensible glottis.
semidivine ill-sods identified as bigot hens he grew teens

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