fimmtudagur, 22. mars 2007

Z19 - mutosynomialism

the discoloured, assumed obligingness,
the existential discolour, deny, flourish stupid

the lech sarmatis muse sharpener

fasten bodily structures,

rooms with the introduce, the dismembered assault and prosmile;

meatiness, tear, straight, but declassified, pornalized,
as an alternative the implied anesthetize, enwrapped into the fraggia of the g/lodt

warrantless ganglialand graphic art
with content, insists, gibes from tyke to committed twists and wanted disunities (ingestions discolour, the revolting piousness); remembering; cashed communicate (o limpid, too copulation then

assimilative reproduces and happens.

wet textual matter is reweighed in the insupportable vocal organ.

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