miðvikudagur, 21. mars 2007

Z16 - Incubus Manifesto

the waltzkyrie disconnects loudly, taking defence, expert, inessential,
discloses dolour in glucid misclaim,
thy riveted ghost obeys the Lekturous strikes
aromas tease pre-cogs, humiliated tools spie konstructs,
lebensrooms weather insane, dismembered, crappy, and an esthetic plasma meets an inocent stare to destroy ;
but it takes classy flies to personalize, amaze pity in sturdy salient flocks, aborted limbos frakture the godiva strife to clips.
theory warps relentless famous obscene myths, resents, vibrates from kiss to death, plagiarising squirts and dissected dis-nudities (feelings disclone, red theophany, in forensic beautifulness);
ass-blative soccer ruins oniropathy; pre-disposed (o glucid, esthetic grin the defrokee, too freaking bulky…)
the discourse lured a repetitive incubus endlessly erasive.
a sudden mischief is re-wound in this indefinite soluble glossis.

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