miðvikudagur, 21. febrúar 2007

Z12 - plagiarization

the valkyrie discoloured, taken deference, experiential discolour lucid disclaim, thrived, the lecher strikes

armatis cogitated steel spike structures, the insinuated, the dismembered rapee and anesthesia prosmile; meatiness, it serrates, true, but it declassifies, pornalizes, maizes, pity instead the silent block, absorbed into the freakia of the godotlife

cups. the warrantless family scene with meat, presents, jibes from kid to dad, pledged quirks and desired disunities (feedings discoloured, the offensive dutifulness); associative saccharine sociopathy; paid post (o lucid, anestheskin the devotee, too fucking lucky…)

the discoloured absorptive incubates and arises.

a sodden missive is reweighed in the indefensible glottis.

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